Community Partners:

Thanks for joining us for an afternoon & evening of golf, food and fun memories dedicated to celebrating Troy! Proceeds to benefit Real Life, Inc. where Real Learning is Found Everywhere a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children, adults, and families who are exploring alternative and supplemental learning opportunities in the Tampa Bay area. Half of the proceeds will be donated to suicide prevention and support for suicide survivors who have suffered the loss of a loved one.…Because Troy Should Be Golfing

“The same evening that Kim & I met with Cliff at Wentworth to plan our Real Life, Inc. annual golfing fundraiser, my nephew Troy did not return home…”

Earlier, this same afternoon, Troy was supposed to meet his loving mom, Andrea, for lunch and he did not show up. This was not like Troy and his no-show sent off red flags. That evening, our whole extended family and Troy’s friends congregated and tried countlessly to reach him throughout the night, into the early morning, and ultimately the following day. We phoned hospitals… Worrisome, Andrea cried out to as many people as possible.  Jim, Troy’s dad, flew home early from a business trip on the quickest flight that he could catch. Papa tried to sleep with his eyes wide open while lying on the sofa facing the driveway waiting to see headlights drive in. We all called, texted, emailed, drove around and even tried to find Troy through the GPS on his phone. Little did we know that our worst nightmare would unfortunately become a reality.

There is nothing more terrifying than the death of a child. Even more disturbing is when that child was in his prime and has taken his own young adult life. As a parent and grandparent, there is no greater sense of accomplishment than having raised your children while helping with grand children, putting your own cares aside in favor of theirs. And just when you think they are well on their way, set to begin their adult life armed with all the love, support, values, and wisdom you could possibly endow someone with – ‘in an instant…can be ripped from our hearts’. Before they have even started, their life is over. If I think about it even just a little, the air is siphoned from my body and I go numb. I cannot even for a second, imagine how my sister is feeling.

The pain of losing a child is something that no one should endure alone. Thank you for all of the tributes that have flooded in from friends, family, and colleagues. We truly appreciate all of the support. Memories of Troy and his legacy are all that we have left of him. Troy’s life was cut far too short and through love we can keep him alive in our hearts forever.

Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone. ~Mitch Albom

Troy was an avid golfer and I would like to pay a special tribute to celebrate Troy’s Life.

With tears in our eyes, yet humble smiles on our faces blinking back the tears… we thank you!

…Because Troy Should Be Golfing…

Be kind, for everyone you meet may be fighting some kind of battle or hardship.

…Because Troy Should Be Golfing…

Treat yourself with the same kind of love, respect, and kindness that you would offer to a friend, and listen to yourself.

…Because Troy Should Be Golfing…

It will be the little things… that you remember, and especially; the quiet moments, the smiles, the laughter. Although it may seem hard at this very moment, it will be the memories of these “little moments” that help to alleviate some of the pain and eventually bring the smiles back again.

…Because Troy Should Be Golfing…

Troy’s presence is not easily seen, 
 but you may find comfort when you weep; He has left sweet intuitive recollections
 that he is hoping you will keep. 
 Eternal joy and memories 
stay in our hearts forever, 
strengthening our special connection 
that parting can never sever. 
And if times of loneliness 
bring sorrow and dismay, 
 don’t despair, for Troy is there…. 
Just a recollection away… I truly believe, in my heart, that Troy is golfing with all of us today!

I love you with my entire heart & soul My SwEeT nEpHeW~ T-Roy! Sending Hugs Your Way!

With Love,    Auntie “Yiz” XxOo

With this Tribute, I would love to thank ALL of YOU for your participation, support, volunteering, donations, sponsorship, and generosity and SO much more…!

One more quick favor, please keep these special loved ones in your hearts today too! (Our Family has had 4 losses in 4 months…I know many of you have mourned losses right along with us…lets ALL take a moment to think of our loved ones! )

Today, I would also like to personally honor:

 ~My Uncle Mark~ My mom’s womb-buddy, best friend and twin brother. “An easygoing warmhearted gentleman”.

~My Uncle Glenn~ A kindred free spirit who’s smile induced a special bond effortlessly.

~Steve-O~ A Coloradan outdoors enthusiast who encompassed a heart of gold.

~All of Our Special Loved Ones… “It is in the shelter of each other that people live”

~Irish proverb

Thanks again XxOo,

Let’s celebrate, honor our loved ones, and have a fun day of golf!

In no particular order, we thank you SO very much:


Johnston Jewelers

Future Optics


Bay Pines Marina

Dunedin House of Beer

DEX Imaging

DAC Vision

Milroy Optical

The Daley Family

Frain Family

Blue Collar Golf


Yimmy Yogging

Big Mike Jr.

Brown Insurance


Frain Family

ABI Andy Brown Insurance

Brown Insurance Services

House of Beer

Gary & Nancy Davis

VSP Optics Group

Bella Vino

“Duck” Quack!

Dorothy Famiano Photography

Be Elite Hair

Southern Steer Butcher

Spence, Marston, Bunch, Morris, CPA’s

Wealth Advisors of Tampa Bay, LCC

Mickey Quinn’s

Sure Fit Gutters

Amy & John Goedert

Mary & Robb Winn

Cathy & Mike Daley

Andrea & Jim Zellmer

Larry & Rose Mahaney

Essilor Team Vitale

Team Essilor ~Four Old Studs

My Salon Alison Hall

The Vision Council

Jenny & Dennis Esno

Boars Head

John Stowers, Realtor~ Richard Doyle Realty

Hoya Vision Care

The Colucci Crew

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention~ Tampa Bay Chapter

Essilor Loves Troy~ Bruce and Sarah Scott

Zellmer Wisconsin Crew

Spence, Marston, Bunch, Morris, CPA’s

Tampa Bay Lightning

Barry Lively Photography

TradeWinds Guy Harvey


Kim, Sandi, Susan W, Susan Le & Real Life, Inc. Crew!

Total Wine

Sheraton Sand Key

Tampa Bay TPC

Wentworth Golf Club

Big Storm Beer

Tampa Bay Storm

Salon West

Clearwater Cinema Café

Tides Golf Course

Glazer Children’s Museum

Mainlands Golf Course

City Fish


Zeus Industries

ASFP Tampa Chapter

South Tampa Therapy & Mediation

Golden Glow Spa

The Manhattan Dolce Bar

Steak N Shake

Clearwater Marine Aquarium


Signature Salon & Spa Harbor Island

St. Pete Acupuncture

Great White Designs

Thanks to ALL of YOU GOLFERS!!!!!!!!!



There are SO many friends, family members, and loved ones to thank who represent Essilor. We feel so supported and special to have such a great company to collaborate and “work” with. Here is a special quote for Essilor and our “Essilor Peeps” : ) XxOo

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.”
Education through Recreation (1932), p. 1 

WhAt A gReAt PlaCe To WoRk… Thank you SO very much!


Mike & Cathy Daley

How does one define family? Without words… just pure altruism. You both give so much! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It is people like you who make this world a better place. Thanks for being part of the family!


Bruce Scott

WOW! Thank you, Thank you:) We appreciate the Gold Sponsorship! We also greatly appreciate your presence. Bruce, you were RiGhT tHeRe with us during the roughest of times:( … Thanks So Very much!  (In addition, thank you Scott Family for sharing your husband, dad, and son while he traveled to support us;)  We look forward to a lifelong friendship!


Future Optics


Thank you SO very much for everything that you have done! Thank you for your generous Gold Sponsorship and for the goody-bag donations! We appreciate all of your help Jim Zellmer!




We look forward to golfing & dinning with you all! Thanks for the Gold Sponsorship! You are all an extension of our family 🙂


Gary & Nancy Davis

Thanks SO very much for the Silver sponsorship!!! We really appreciate all of the support.


Dunedin House of Beer & House of Beer


You have been a tremendous advocate for Real Life, Inc. where Real Learning is Found Everywhere from DAY ONE:) We acknowledge this, we appreciate you, and love all of your support… Thanks guys!


Mary & Robb Winn

It will be a nice day to celebrate our T-Roy… Thanks for sponsoring THE LONGEST DRIVE and being honored guests. Love is how we keep him alive in our hearts forever. XxOo


Amy & John Goedert

Your genuine support through all of this and your sponsorship for CLOSEST TO THE PIN is greatly appreciated and will make the tournament a special day to remember:) XxOo



We_Are_Zylo_logo (2)Zylo Logo

Thank you for the Gold Sponsorship for our Golf Tournament Jamie Shyer! We look forward to making memories with you and your team on Troy’s special day.


Sure Fit Gutters


Thank you for the Bronze Sponsorship for our Golf Tournament! We have been friends for quite some time now… YOU were our very 1st Sponsor for the golf tournament!                                    Jamie- You haven’t changed a bit! I appreciate your spontaneity and impulsivity!! You have always been SO much fun!  We appreciate you!  XxOo

Carrie Boucher





Life Unlimited

Thanks Terri & Steve Willingham for supporting us and allowing us the opportunity to collaborate with you. We appreciate your guidance!

Lyndsay Passannante Adesso
Thank you Lyndsay Passannante Adesso! We love the Logos that you created for Real life, Inc and Un in the Sun! You saw our vision and nailed it the first time for each logo. Your work is amazing and we appreciate your support:) Thanks again!

Jordan Norris

Thank you for donating your time to help us with our fun smiling sun and other graphics on our websites Real Life, Inc. and  Un in the Sun. Glad to have an actual unschooler helping us out! If you are looking for graphic design assistance, please see his contact information below.  Thanks, Jordan!


I am a 17 year old Graphic Designer – I aim to help your business grow by creating content that will attract your target consumers.

Dunedin House of Beer

Thank you for all of your support!

927 Broadway, Dunedin, FL 34698

Dex Imaging

THANKS!!!! We are SO VERY THANKFUL for your generous contribution! Dan Jr. & Dan Sr. ~ You two are catalysts who have the power to ChAnGe!   Dex Imaging for donating your office space and printing materials to us.  We are thankful for your support.

5109 W Lemon St, Tampa, FL


M&M Videos

Thank you to our local video game supplier for volunteering to sponsor our gaming room at Un in the Sun by donating their gaming systems, games and time during the conference.  We really appreciate your support!