Where We Are Going

Real life Logo

~Real Life Connection Center- Permanent facility full time Real Life Connection Center centrally located in the Tampa Bay area for children, adults, and families to learn and grow together.

~Community Outreach Events- Sharing our vision with the public and offering support.

~Conferences- National events show-casing family and parenting experts and all that Tampa Bay has to offer.

~Support for schooled children who need supplemental education.

~Real Life Tour Bus- To host local field trips and embark on many journeys.

~Nationwide Outreach- Mentoring Real Life, Inc. branches and chapters across the country and globe.

~Internships, Apprenticeship, and Scholarships- When an individual needs assistance, we help the connection process within the community to facilitate an even deeper learning experience.

~Umbrella School- Partnering with alternative education schools which serve to oversee the homeschooling of children to fulfill government educational requirements.

~Adopters of an ALC:

● Gifted students bored in the current system

● Parents who are high-tech professionals and understand the benefits of Agile

● Highly motivated self-directed learners

● People into makerspaces and the maker movement

● Homeschool families looking for a more social environment for their kids

● Social activists & changemakers wanting an alternative to a broken system

● Families with young children who they feel are losing their love of learning because of

● People rebelling against standardized testing

● Families with children stressing about too much homework

● Kids with behavioral problems in normal schools

● Prodigies with extreme passions or skills who are looking for a place they can invest

● Unschoolers who want more people and some support structure

● People looking for Unschooling or Free Schooling places nearby

● Former Free School families who know they want some more structure, support and

documentation while staying self-directed

● Anarchist and Libertarian families wanting to provide a school experience with very

● Families who travel a lot and want a flexible schedule which can include travel as part of

their child’s education or even short visits at other ALCs